1. MICROPHONE: Viewers can tolerate shaky video, but not a squeaky sound

The first accessory to buy for your Mobile Phone Photography is not the Lens, but the Microphone. Why? Read on...

Surprisingly, we discovered that there are unbranded products that can beat the sound quality of branded mics. One example is the viral YouTube video comparing the China-made Takstar SGC-598 ($25) to the branded Australia-made Rode Videomic ($299). The YouaTube review (https://youtu.be/p9rrr3l3yuA) gave Takstar a two thumbs up!

We also discovered lavaliere microphones that rival the quality of its branded counterparts.

All the microphones that we put inside our MoJo bag are for sale in this store.

Of all the mobile phone accessories, audio is the most important. Video production is 50% video and 50% audio. Viewers wont tolerate a squeaky quality or hard to understand audio, more than a shaky and blurry video.So the first accessory that you should consider is audio, particularly microphone. The internal microphone of a mobile phone is way way below the broadcast or ENG standard.