7. CABLES: Small items matters. How can you charge your phone or power bank without a cable?

Yes, I’ve been there...

One of the most annoying situation is when your phone runs out of precious juice while editing a video post in Starbucks. But what is irritating or maddening is when you realized you do not have a cable to charge your phone or power banks.

We stuff our MoJo bag will cables almost in all pockets and more than what we need. We also throw several pieces of cables, both for Android and IPhone in the trunk or compartment of our cars.

Be generous in buying a lot of cables. Anyway, you can buy one for a dollar. 

Just take note that new cables are now in 2.4 or 3.0 amperes capacity. You must have to buy these new cables for fast charging. 


Do not forget to have these two:

1. AC USB Chargers with no less than 2.0 amperes capacity; 3.0 amperes are now available for super fast charging.

2. Car USB charger, with the same technical specifications as above.