2. LENS: Attached a super wide lens to take a selfie with the whole family

Yes, we all know thatvl the built-in focal length of a mobile phone is not enough to take a family selfie of more than 10 people. Attach a super wide lens atop the built-in lens and the problem is solved.

But is there a lens that can rival the quality of a DSLR? Or a lens that will not degrade the built-in lens of the mobile phone?

We have used tens of mobile phone lenses--from the expensive brands like Moondillog Labs, Moments, to the middle ground like Xenvo, OlloClip, and down the line like Victsing, CamKix--and our field experience points to only one lens kit, one super wide, one telephoto and one anamorphic lens. These 4 lenses are what we have in our MoJo Bag, and they are what we sell in this store. No more, no less!

The basis in choosing our four fav lenses are the following: Optics Quality and Affordability.

It doesn't an expensive lens is better than a moderately prized item. For example, the Moment is in the pricey league if lenses, with a quality optics beyond question. But if you look at the quality of the GoMoJo lens, priced half that of the Moment lens, then there is a clear winner.