3. LIGHT: Frustrated by photos with the darkened faces of your friends?

Lighten up you feeling, professional lights for mobile photography are no ow affordable and accessible.

Mobile photography light technology is now the same as studio set-up. Both lights are powered by the cool LED bulbs. LEDs are low temperature, flicker-free, and with consistent temperature at 5600 Kelvin.

The most common problem of mobile photography are the darkened faces of subject/s during a backlighted situation. If the subjects cannot turn around to face the source of light, the only solution is a portable light. 

We found that the clip-on ring light is enough for a selfie of 2 to 3 people doing a selfie in a backlighted situation.

One of our favorite is the GoMoJo on-camera light. It's a powerful light with it 96 LED bulbs. To top it all, it can be powered from three sources: USB charging, 4 double A battery and Li-on Polymer battery.

All the light gadgets on sale in this store is also a mainstay of our MoJo Bag.