6. STORAGE: Another scary notification is “The video stopped recording. The memory is full.”

OTG or On-The-Go storage card adapters is the savior in a situation where your 32GB or 64GB Iphone runs out of storage space. 

Mine of our favorite OTG is a USB disk with a multiple connectors or adapters, both for IOS and Android.

Warning! Not all OTG in the market works like a charm. Almost 50% of OTG that we tested bought and tested failed due to apps inadequacy or format compatibility.

What we have on sale in our store are the OTG that worked based on our intensive use and experience.

So when you run out of storage space, just plugin your OTG USB disk to transfer files from your phone.

We are also selling OTG adapter where you can insert SD cards or mini SD cards.

But this is our important advise: Transfer your files on the night before your important video coverage. Unload all the old files from your phone into the OTG. If you expect a 1-hour coverage, be sure that you have 10 GB free for. 1080p video resolution or for a Full HD.