About Us


The GoMoJo Store is an online marketplace and resource center for Mobile Journalism.

If you need accessories to level-up or professionalize the quality of your photos and videos, then you are in the right place.

Our inventory are intentionally kept small due to the fact that we only sale mobile phone accessories that are in our camera bags. We see to it that all our inventories were tested on the field and in challenging conditions. We will not sale any equipment if we--ourselves--will not use it.

Sid Balatan, the convener of this specialty store, is a retired international journalist that works with the London-based The Independent and the Tokyo-based Kyodo News in his younger years. Sid is also a freelance in the early years of his journalism career, working on assignment for Time Magazine, Der Spiegel, Bloomberg, Black Star, and the likes.

At age 60, Sid Balatan had transformed himself into a Social Media Content Producer, using mobile photography as the primary tool of his trade.

Sid is also active conducting Mobile Journalism or MoJo Workshops, traveling in different cities in the US and in Asia Pacific. This coming September and October 2019, Sid is traveling to Sydney, Melbourne, Manila, Davao and Singapore to conduct a specialized MoJo Workshops for community organizations and churches.

Sid is often heard--as a parting words--in his workshop classes:

"Mobile Phones that is in our pockets are not only the best camera, but it is also the best and fastest communication tool to share, that great photo--you just have taken few minutes ago--to all corners of the globe."

Sid lives in Los Angeles, California. #