The Need to Create The Mobile Photography Store

The Need to Create The Mobile Photography Store

A NEED gave birth to the Mobile Photography Store (TMPS). In mid 2018, I started to get serious with my mobile photography. This decision was prompted with the proliferation of mobile phones that can rival in quality the mid-range of DSLR cameras.

I started to search for mobile phone lenses, microphones, lights, and other gadgets to complete my mobile photography paraphernalia. Unfortunately, Google Search cannot give me even one online store that offers the best mobile photography products. I was presented with hundreds of online stores, including Amazon, Ebay, Aliexpress, etc, that gave me more problems rather than solutions.

So I ended up buying tens of lenses, mics and lights, wasting lots of time and invested tons of hard-earned moolah. In the end, I only came up with several products, and these products are the one I keep in my MoJo (Mobile Journalism) bag. 

Early 2019, I decided to create an online store to sell only those products that are inside my MoJo bag. This way, I can help and spare the time of others from going into a confusing product search, costly purchase of inferior-quality gadgets, and reading/viewing complicated product reviews. 

TMPS intends to serve those small community organizations, NGOs, neighborhood association, churches, small publications, individual bloggers & podcasters, whose budgets are limited but wants to create awesome photos and videos. 

The Mobile Photography Store (TMPS) prioritizes on products that are affordable, but can compete with their branded counterparts in terms of quality, built and documentation. #30#